Equine Loan Adoption Responsibilities

What are the typical responsibilities of guardian of an adopted rescue horse under a loan agreement?

kent horse rescue adoptionKent Horse Rescue has a No Sell policy and does not sell any of the rescues that we have rehabilitated – they are adopted (or can be fostered) under a typical equine loan agreement.

If you are considering taking on the committment of re-homing a horse, it is important to fully assess and understand the responsibilities involved. Below are listed some of the important issues that need to be considered, and that the Adoptee / Guardian will be required to commit to for a successful rescue re-homing:

  • Must have the equine insured against any damage or injury caused by or to the equine.
  • Provide the equine with adequate and appropriate food, stabling, grazing and attendance, and will do all that is necessary to keep the equine healthy (5 freedoms).
  • Adequate shelter must be provided throughout the year, and the equine should be rugged as appropriate to their needs.
  • Provide well managed and adequate grazing for the equine at all times. Grazing should be managed so as to reduce the growth of poisonous plants such as ragwort.
  • Ensure that a programme of correct foot management is implemented, by a registered Farrier.
  • A correct health plan is implemented; this must include regular de-worming, vaccination against tetanus and equine influenza and dental care. It is the responsibility of the Guardian to keep records of all treatments.
  • Treatment must be sought immediately from a veterinary surgeon for all necessary injury or illness.
  • The equine must have a suitable equine companion.
  • The equine must not be bred from.

Should you wish to explore adopting one of our rescues further, please contact us by completing our contact form or telephone us and we will be very pleased to discuss this further with you, and understand your needs…

Alternatively, if you’d rather Support one of the rescue horses through it’s rehabilitation and whilst it waits for re-homing, then please do consider making a donation.