Kent Horse Rescue Services

Kent Horse Rescue offers a range of services aimed directly at sparing horses from suffering through mistreatment, neglect or abandonment.

Our process is simple: Rescue, Rehabilitation, Rehoming. Our values are simple: we have a no breed, no kill policy – that is – any horse coming into our care will not be euthanised unless the Vet decides the horse is suffering and cannot be rehabilitated. Our no breed policy is designed to diminish over breeding which is exasperating the Horse Crisis in the UK.

Kent Horse Rescue services:

Public Emergency Response – to help or rescue horses in need of care and attention

For Land Owners / Local Authorities

Charitable services for the Public and struggling Horse Owners

Stable Yard Security Systems and Advice

Equine Training and Education

Horsemanship Training and Confidence Coaching


Kent Horse Rescue has a wealth of experience in the field of Horse responsibility and welfare.

We are here to assist in resolving the Horse Crisis in Kent and the U.K. – Consulting advice and practical expertise is offered by our experienced team of Field Officers. We offer Assistance and Knowledge from many devoted years to horses.