Horse Re-homing and Adoption

Kent Horse Rescue Re-homing Adoption

Kent Horse Rescue Re-homing Adoption

Re-home a Horse with Kent Horse Rescue

Kent Horse Rescue has a No Kill, No Breed, No Sell policy, which means that All our rescues are rehabilitated, with the aim of re-homing them to suitable family homes, riding centres, Riding for the Disabled, and Equine Assisted Learning centres.

We have successfully re-homed many many ponies to adopted families – whether they be for companion horses, for ridden, or for working with disabled and disadvantaged people.

Despite most of our rescues having had a difficult life prior to coming into care with us, we do everything we can to bring them back to full health, both physically and spiritually, and pay a great deal of attention to matching our rehabilitated equines with their new keepers.

Because we don’t Sell any of our rescues, they are passed to their new ‘owners’ via Adoption, the terms of which are effectively like a lifetime Loan agreement, where you will become the registered keeper of your new horse. We always like to stay in touch, and will wherever we can be happy to have the horse/s come back to us should the new keeper run into difficulties in their care. We are also always here to offer help, advice, training and hands on assistance in horsemanship, care, etc.

Horse Rescue Re-homing (Adoption) Process

After receiving an enquiry for Re-homing one of our rescued horses by contact form or telephone, we will follow up with a questionnaire and/or telephone call to assess and match your:

  • needs for the horse/pony ( ridden, driven, companion )
  • experience with horses
  • timescales for finding a suitable rescue
  • re-homing facilities – yard, stabling, pastures, shelter, etc.

If we mutually feel we have a suitable rescue for you, that match the needs / capabilities of the rescue horse/pony, and you wish to proceed further, there are two further steps:

  • for us to complete a home-check at the facilities where the rescue will be homed
  • for you to visit and become acquainted with the rescued pony / horse

It is important to full consider the responsibilities of taking on an equine under adoption, and we will be here to help you through that process – we want this to be right for you, and for the horse.

If you wish to proceed after that, we can deliver your new addition to your family to you !

We would normally ask for a donation for the re-homing adoption.

Other ways to Help / ‘Adopt’ (support and follow) a Rescue Pony

All our rescues stay with us until they are fully rehabilitated both physically and spiritually – the costs can be £1,500 to £2,500 per horse and more – if you are interested in helping and following the rehabilitation of any one of our rescued horses and ponies, you can do so by virtually ‘Adopting’ any of our rescues currently at the centre, helping to support them through rehabilitation (typically 2-6 months), and on to a new home and a new life…

… Please send a donation if you’d like to ‘Adopt, Support and Follow’ a rescued pony – ideally this can be done through our Paypal Donate to KHR account. [A monthly donation  until re-homing, of whatever you can afford would be lovely].

Thank you so much for your support.