Foal Collapsed by Brands Hatch Road

Kent Horse Rescue attended a call out this morning to an emaciated pony that had collapsed in a field beside the Brands Hatch road near West Kingsdown. A member of the public called us in frustration as they had reported this to a national animal welfare charity yesterday.

Kent messenger have reported this story ‘live’ online this morning

This morning, as the RSPCA attended, Kent Horse Rescue were stood down by them – and so we are not able to intervene and respectful to their request and operations.

The tragedy here is three-fold:

  • That animal welfare resources are so stretched that they cannot attend every call out / or attend in time as in this case…
  • And a vet will attend and the pony is most likely to be put to sleep
  • That this field is well known to the authorities and related equine welfare issues there.

The rehabilitation carried out at the Kent Horse Rescue centre is successful in cases like these with an incredible 98% survival – when it is possible for us to rescue the pony in these situations.

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