Rescue Charity work

Kent Horse Rescue: Charity Work for the General Public and Horse Owners:

Call Out:

Kent Horse Rescue provides a Call Out service where horses are being mis-treated, or are in dangerous situations (which are are all too common), and we are here to help:

CALL Kent Horse Rescue on 07922310573

… Advice is only a phone call away. Or you can email :


We can assess and attend a location with as much information as possible please – then we can prioritise Field Officers who are nearest, and help as quickly as physically possible.


Kent Horse Rescue are here to help resolve Horse Welfare and Hardship for struggling horse Owners, or Horses that are suffering without a voice.

We offer a range of help, from telephone guidance, to attendance of very complex situations with multiagency support; Police, Local Authorities and DEFRA, RSPCA, etc.


Emergency calls are our speciality, often dealing with Horses in distress or suffering and urgently needing assistance. A vet and Police will attend along side us for swift removal of a horse that needs urgent medical `INTO-CARE` under the Animal Welfare Act. Relevant sections of an Act will be followed ensuring compliance with the relevant legislation  in all cases.

Kent Horse Rescue liaise and co-ordinate intelligence on a Multiagency basis, always following procedures required by, DEFRA code of practice, Police Liaison teams, Equine Law, etc.


Highly trained Field Officers are paramount and we are fortunate to have several. Training is provided, and the volunteers also have a wealth of experience to aide suffering and neglected horses. Devotion and study is required in all aspects of Horse Rescue. We are always looking for more volunteers and field officers – if you are interested, let us know by completing a Contact Form enquiry.

Funding and Donations:

Kent Horse Rescue and our Volunteers need your help and support, and will reach out to you from social media and via other media activities – Please connect with us!  Funds are vital by way of donation or fund raising events. We are a not for profit organisation, and have a very tight budget. Every Rescue needs funding to enable Veterinary treatment, Food and Bedding, etc.

Donations can be made on through this website to support the Rescue, Rehabilitation and Rehoming of the Horses. Please do not hesitate to make a donation to Kent Horse Rescue – we cannot do our work without your kind and generous help.

Thank you.