Services for Land Owners / Local Authorities

If you are a Land Owner or Local Council you can contact us in the event of Fly Grazing and Horse Rescue support.

Fly grazing of horses is a problem throughout the whole of the UK, and a Land owner is left with the duty of care (Animal Welfare Act 2006). The new Fly grazing Law under the Animals Act 1971 section 7 was amended (Control of Horses Act 2015) to help speed up the process of detention and removal of horses.

Horse Removal/ Detention.

We are here to be the voice of the Horse and have a wealth of experience in these rotten situations. The land owner becomes a victim as much as the Horse/Horses. We offer help around the clock 24/7 for issues regarding illegal fly grazing. We have helped Councils, Land Owners and the Police throughout the UK, as well as supporting other animal welfare charities and agencies.

Why use Kent Horse Rescue?

  • Kent Horse Rescue has a No Breed, NO Kill policy – we Always rehabilitate and re-home and would only euthanise a horse as a last resort and only on the express advice of an equine Vet. We are here for land owners to fulfil their duty of care, and to see the horse/s rehabilitated and re-homed for a good quality of life. In many cases, local public become concerned for the horses and their outcome – using Kent Horse Rescue you can reassure everyone the horse will be safe and happy.
  • We have a 98% rehabilitation rate -(including figures for horses that come to us in a very poor medical condition), where other charities or agencies may choose to have the horse PTS (Put To Sleep) for convenience or for financial reasons.
  • We Always operate in accordance with DEFRA Codes of Practice and Animal Welfare legislation
  • We Always operate in co-ordination with all relevant Local Authorities such and the Police, Local Authorities, and other National Animal Welfare organisations.
  • We include Expert advice in Protocol, Legal process, Duty of Care, Horse welfare, etc.
  • We respond quickly, with full confidentiality and Insurance – we can often help escalate process and act far more quickly.
  • We can carry out site survey, surveillance and risk assessment and prepare advice and action plan for each case.


What to do if you have a concern or emergency to report, or need advice:

All the rescues that come into our centre are rehabilitated and can go on to a better life. We have developed a unique and proprietary regime of rehabilitation of medicinal treatment (in conjunction with Vet), nutrition, exercise, care and spiritual wellbeing.  Horse lovers all over the country re-home our rehabilitated rescues and are loved as they should be. Increasingly, Local Authorities and Land Owners are choosing to work with Kent Horse Rescue because of our No Kill policy and humane values – the public and local communities are becoming aware and unhappy that many horses are PTS unnecessarily – after being ‘rescued’ ! With Kent Horse Rescue, you can give them the assurance that won’t happen.

Microchip reading can establish reuniting a lost or abandoned Equine. You can ask us to attend and we will do the rest for you.

We are unable to do all this work free of charge as we are all volunteers. Bailiff organisations are quite expensive, but we can offer a realistic fee for our work. Feel free to contact us for advice.