Horse Welfare Report accepted by EU Parliament

A Horse Welfare report by British MEP Julie Girling has been submitted and accepted  by a key committee of the European Parliament. The report contains further measures on top of existing UK legislation aimed at halting the abuse and cruel exploitation of horses and donkeys.
Mrs Girling said: “We are on our way to a better deal for donkeys and horses. Cruelty and neglect is a problem across the continent and we must tackle it.”
The report sets out measures to stop the abuse of horses across Europe and ensure their welfare regardless of their use be it farming, sport, breeding, leisure, etc.

Horse-Welfare-ReportThe Horse Welfare Measures include:

* Comprehensive guides on horse and donkey care, including responsible breeding and end of life care.
* Better information for tourists on how animals are treated by attractions such as rides and sideshows.
* Increased inspections of farms.
* A pilot project awarding funding to farms committed to good welfare practices
* A shorter maximum journey time for all movements of horses for slaughter.

The EU Equine sector is reportedly worth over £80 billion a year.

The Horse Welfare report is expected to be considered by a full session of the European Parliament in March. If approved, it will be passed to the European Commission with a recommendation for action leading to EU Legislation.

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