More Horses Dumped to Die in Kent

More young horses dumped to die in School Lane, Horton Kirkby, Kent.

Horses dumped to die kentWe bring such sad news today as our Field Officers attended 2 dumped to die colts.
Our hearts were pounding in haste to get to them as one was showing signs of life.
On arrival we saw the devastation and quickly started comforting and connecting with the little skewbald in the foreground. He lifted his head after a few minutes and kissed and nuzzled and looked straight at his human companion. No energy left due to fear, this poor beautiful animal. With a broken hind leg and lice crawling all over him.
All the suffering we attend … we say a prayer for him and his friend who laid beside him.
We said the Horses prayers and gave him love.
Run over rainbow bridge and be free from pain you beautiful young boys. X

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